New online feature Access to arts and culture is a basic human right

On Friday 6 February 2015, Michael Attenborough CBE (pictured), well-known theatre director, honorary graduate and son of the late Lord Attenborough braved the cold weather to attend the official start of a build project to create one of the largest dedicated contemporary gallery spaces in the East Midlands.

This arts centre is a shining example of providing facilities for everybody – aiming to be accessible for everybody. Not just as passive receivers of art but as practitioners. That also is very dear to Dad’s heart

The new gallery will increase the Richard Attenborough Centre’s size by over 400 square metres and will add to the cultural value and vitality of the city, bringing local, national and international contemporary art to audiences in Leicester.

In a new online feature you can read Michael's inspiring speech from the event, at which Professor Paul Boyle, our President and Vice-Chancellor, Michaela Butter MBE, Director of the Richard Attenborough Centre, Lady Ann Brooks, donor and supporter and Peter Knott, Arts Council England were also in attendance.

Michael talked passionately about his father and his fondness of Leicester, his view on arts and culture in today's society and his honour at being a patron for Embrace Arts.

His heart always raced a bit faster when he came back to Leicester and this was the most important building in the city to him

Photo credit GSSArchitecture 400.jpg
Artist's impression of new gallery. Photo credit GSSArchitecture