Explosive moment in the media

University geologist Dr David Hawthorn, who set up equipment near the former city council HQ to record the effects of the controlled demolition of the site, has published his results.

Dr David Hawthorn is a seismologist in our Department of Geology. He said: “Having put out a couple of seismometers to monitor the demolition of the city council buildings it was almost as an afterthought I contacted the press office, agreed a press release and sent it out the day before the blast.

“I thought, perhaps, it might get a paragraph in the Mercury. In the end I did I number of interviews for both television and radio and I did get my paragraph in the Mercury.

“We all consume media, seeing it happen from the other side of the curtain was genuinely fascinating. It’s also much harder than it looks (or possibly not to anyone who saw me). Managing to say something interesting, understandable and true to fit the media’s 15 second “take home point” really makes you focus on what’s important.

“Given that as a scientist I’m effectively publicly funded (in a very round-about way) I also felt this kind of outreach activity provided a good way to show the public what we can do.“

Watch a video of the demolition below: