English Language Teaching Unit celebrates international research students

The second annual English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) Research Festival was held on Wednesday 18th February.  Existing as a forum for international students to gain experience in presenting their work, it welcomed 14 poster presenters showcasing their research in a wide variety of disciplines.

Presenters commented afterwards that it had been a great opportunity to develop their academic presentation skills and to build confidence in preparation for other academic events such as probationary reviews, vivas and conferences.

A team of judges, comprising academics from the School of Education and the ELTU, awarded two prizes for outstanding presentations.  The proud winners of much-needed book tokens were:

1st Prize: Francisco Valente Gonçalves (pictured left)

Criminology (INTREPID Forensics Programme)

Errare Humanum Est? Cognitive contamination in fingerprint examiners' performance: Attitudes and Improvements

Runner Up

Nitikorn Poriswanish (pictured right)


Recombination and consequence of the expanded length-polymorphic PAR1 on Y chromosome

The judges commented on the high standard of presentations from all the presenters, and were impressed by the quality of posters and the engagement of the presentations. The judges felt that both Francisco and Nitikorn’s presentation stood out for their clarity of organisation in both the poster and the oral presentation.

Amongst the invited audience were pre-sessional students who may well find themselves presenting at the 2016 Research Festival.  Currently taking English language courses to bring their linguistic competence in line with their academic competence, these students were asked to vote for their outstanding presentation.  And the winner was…

Iswahyudi Alamsyah (pictured right)

Infection, Immunity and Inflammation,

Protein Phosphatase (PstP) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis