Medical student produces clinical anatomy app

A medical student, working with a local app design agency, has produced an iOS application to teach clinical anatomy to fellow students, junior doctors and healthcare professionals.

Based on the TeachMeAnatomy website started in 2012, the app, which has been designed by fourth year medical student Ollie Jones, provides an experience that is tailor-made for Apple devices, with a new quiz function and image gallery. It also stores all the content offline, so users do not need internet access to use it.

Ollie said: "We know that TeachMeAnatomy has a diverse group of users: students, healthcare professionals, educators, patients, and even yoga instructors – so it has a wide application. We hope that our users will appreciate the simple, intuitive layout of the app, and its offline capability."

The app is based on the content currently on the TeachMeAnatomy website. It contains around 250 articles, each covering a different anatomical structure or topic – much a like a textbook. Each article is supported by illustrations and several multiple choice quiz questions to test the users’ learning.

TeachMeAnatomy has now developed into one of the most popular anatomy e-resources. The website has received over 7 million visitors this year alone, from locations all over the world.

In 2014 Ollie received the "Noel Everson Surgical Prize" for TeachMeAnatomy.