Graduate doctor rushes to aid of stab victim in London tube station

A heroic doctor rushed to the rescue after a man was stabbed in a terrorist attack in a London tube station.

Matt Smith, 28, who graduated as a junior doctor in 2013 after six years studying at the University's Medical School, was on his way home from his job at a London hospital when he passed Leytonstone tube station where a terrorist attack had just begun.

The attacker, who was allegedly shouting "This is for Syria" stabbed a 56-year-old man in the neck in the attack at  Saturday 5 November.

Matt went to investigate and saw the victim lying at the bottom of the stairs in a pool of blood with no one helping him.

Putting the 56-year-old injured man's safety above his own, Matt rushed to help, applying pressure to the man's neck wound and then, after noticing the knife-wielding man was still nearby, carried the injured man back up the stairs to safety while the police stunned the attacker using tasers.

The victim is now in a stable condition.

Ron Sangal, vice-president of the Medical Association at Students' Union, said: "I'm sure Matt's being there has helped the victim and while this is something that I'd like to think most medically trained people would do, Matt went above and beyond while on his way home to administer care to the victim despite the attacker being dangerously close."

Matt's heroism caught the attention of the national media, including The Sun, Daily Mail and ITV.