Website showcases inspiring examples of inclusive arts

A new website has been launched containing stories from arts organisations across the East Midlands around art practice with disabled children and young people.

The website features case studies from a report commissioned by The Mighty Creatives on funding to arts and culture for disabled children and young people authored by Dr William Green of the School of Management and Dr Jack Newsinger of the Department of Media and Communication, and produced in collaboration with the Attenborough Arts Centre.

The stories are examples of the tremendous value of the arts to all children and young people, and to the expertise, motivations and values of some of the most progressive arts practitioners in the region. They are intended to represent their work, their contribution to our society, and to help develop inclusive and empowering arts provision for all children and young people.

The report also shows that funding cuts made to the arts and cultural sector are more likely to hit children and young people with impairments harder than other groups. This is because this group may already face barriers to getting involved in arts activities, and overcoming those barriers to make activities accessible takes time and money.

The report will now be used by The Mighty Creatives and others to shape future policy and try to ensure, despite the funding climate, that disabled children and young people get the best possible opportunities to participate in arts and culture.