Enterprise Leicester spinout MIP Diagnostics appoints CEO

MIP Diagnostics, a University of Leicester spinout that develops molecularly imprinted polymers for research purposes, diagnostics and drug discovery, has begun the initial expansion of its business operations with the appointment of Adrian Kinkaid (pictured) as CEO.

This follows a recent investment of £182,000 made by Mercia Fund Management secured through the University’s Enterprise and Business Development team.

Adrian will begin driving the technology into commercialisation, aiming to expand its uses into several exciting and disruptive research areas, including law enforcement, national security and food safety.  He will also work towards building a successful global marketing strategy with the development of a new website, including the creation of a portfolio of successful products.

Adrian has extensive experience in the life sciences sector, with particular expertise in affinity reagents, including antibodies, affirmers and aptamers.  He therefore has an in-depth understanding of the market and its competition, which will enable him to effectively market MIPS as a cost effective and high quality alternative to existing agents because of their robustness and speed of development.

MIP Diagnostic Ltd, a spin-out from the Leicester Biotechnology Group, Department of Chemistry, has developed technology to provide Molecular Imprinted Polymers (MIPS) to the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and chemical research industries. Unlike their counterparts – antibodies, affirmers and aptamers – MIPS are not biologically derived, which means that they are more stable and also cost effective for the research industry, as they take a week to make rather than months.