Conference to explore the lasting scars of conflict

Military welfare during the British Civil Wars and how the lasting scars of these conflicts influenced the nation for generations to come will be explored at a conference between 7-8 August at Newark Museum, Nottinghamshire, organised by the Centre for English Local History.

The conference, entitled 'Mortality, Care and Military Welfare during the British Civil Wars’, celebrates the opening of the National Civil War Centre, which opened its doors to the public in May of this year.

The event will examine care and military welfare during the British Civil Wars, embracing themes such as hospitals, medicine, surgery, nursing, disease, wounds, maimed soldiers, war widows and orphans. It will also focus on the costs of these wars, as well as the social memory and lasting scars of this important series of conflicts.

The conference also celebrates the establishment of a Wolfson Foundation Research Centre for Care, Welfare and Medicine during the British Civil Wars based at Newark Museum and in partnership with the University.