April Fools No we are not changing our name

Today’s brilliant April Fool story in the Independent has generated a lot of discussion on social media, with many people citing it as their favourite jape of the day and others apparently duped.

This leading South African news website seems to have accepted the story as genuine. But it’s not. (Or is it?*)

Nor is there any truth in the report on BBC History magazine’s website of a Richard III theme park opening in Leicester.

However, this story about a Swedish rock opera based on Richard III broke yesterday and would therefore seem to be genuine!

The University cannot take any credit for the Indie or History Extra spoofs, but two years ago we did fool a lot of people with our ambitious plan to search for the lost grave of King Richard IV.

Meanwhile, here on campus, our Estates Division announced an innovative use of campus trees this morning…

*No, it’s not.

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