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The Netflix obsession

Kinnari Naik

General mentions


General mentions


General mentions

How might the force work?

Leah Ashley, Rowan Reynolds, Robbie Roe

What would the world be like to a borrower?

Jonathan Panuelos, Laura Green (McMaster Exchange)

Is it possible to cry a river?

Leah Ashley, Robbie Roe

How long would it actually take to catch them all?

Thomas Codd

Which is the most offensively powerful starter Pokemon?

Thomas Codd

Would Mad Max make a good 'Blood Bag'?

Devpreet Singh Surae, Matthew Johnson, George Watson

  • Nerdist - 27 March 2016

Revealing the magic of Skele-Gro & Gillyweed - drowning with gills?

Leah Ashley, Chris Ringrose, Robbie Roe & Leah Ashley, Robbie Roe


General Lord of the Rings article mentions

How much of the Amazon would it take to print the internet?

Evangeline Walker, George Harwood

Unravelling the Minion genome

Krisho Manoharan, Ruth Sang Jones

Simply walking into Mordor: How much lembas would the Fellowship need?

Skye Sonja Rosetti, Krisho Manoharan

Does the oxygen content of Tolkien’s Middle Earth allow for greater endurance?

Richard Walker, Alice Cooper-Dunn

The viability of screams as a power source

Osarenkhoe Uwuigbe

A penny for your thoughts

Osarenkhoe Uwuigbe

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