Natural Sciences at Leicester


Our degrees are truly integrated, research-led programmes.

Our research focus feeds into our degrees and you will have the chance to become an active researcher from the very start of your degree. The courses provide numerous opportunities to practice confronting scientific problems in novel situations in preparation for a career in academia, industry or other science-related fields.

You will study fundamental and advanced scientific concepts from the life sciences and the physical sciences in cross-disciplinary contexts where the connections between them are emphasised and explored. In your later years you will have the opportunity to concentrate on one of the following specialisms:

  • Chemical Science
  • Molecular and Cellular Science
  • Physical Science
  • Ecological and Zoological Science

Our courses

Natural Sciences (Life and Physical Sciences) BSc  (with optional year abroad)
3-4 years, full time | UCAS code: FCG0
This degree is built on inter-disciplinary research. This means you’ll cover all the fundamentals of the physical and life sciences, but you’ll also dive into advanced areas like astrobiology, green chemistry and biophysics.

Natural Sciences (Life and Physical Sciences) MSci (with optional year abroad)
4-5 years, full time | UCAS code: GFC0
This four-year degree expands on the Natural Sciences BSc to prepare you for high-level entry into relevant professions. It’s also a solid base for pursuing PhD research.

Natural Sciences (Life and Physical Sciences) with Foundation Year BSc
4-5 years, full time | UCAS code: F994
If you would love to study Natural Sciences here at Leicester, but your A-level subjects don’t match our entry criteria, or you don’t quite have the entry requirements to get in, this degree is your bridge to making it happen...

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