Brexit and British Politics

Module code: PL3107

The United Kingdom has always had an uneasy relationship with the project of European integration. From French President de Gaulle vetoing its application to join the EEC in 1963, referendums to remain in once finally accepted, the all-out chaos and division that afflicted the Conservatives in the 1990s over the Maastricht Treaty, and the rise of UKIP in the last decade, it has always been a contentious issue in British politics. The vote to leave the European Union in 2016 and the resulting fall-out only confirmed this.

In this module, you'll look closely at the UK's relationship with the EU, before and after Brexit. You'll analyse the impact of EU membership on British politics, political parties and public opinion. You'll explore the rise, character and significance of Euroscepticism; a viewpoint that has divided many in British politics for decades. Plus, you'll evaluate the reasons for the UK voting to leave the EU, and its impact on British politics and society at large.

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