Big Data and People Analytics

Module code: MN3161

For job seekers: Have you started your job search yet? Would you like to know insiders’ work experience of your potential employers? Would you like to know how human resource management departments use web-based platform data to improve recruitment and retention? 

For future human resource professionals: would you like to make strategic decisions with evidence? Such as people planning, performance, and sustain a skilled workforce. Would you like to strengthen your digital capacity to serve an organisation? Such as manage digital reputation of your employer in this web-based platform era. Would you like to improve your analytic skill to make societal impact? Such as build-up and manage an inclusive and diverse workforce. 

During this module, you will be guided to use live data-collected from, and LinkedIn to make real decisions, as part of your assessment.  This will improve your understanding of the job market, but also empower you to serve as a HR professional. You will be shared with forefront research based on firm financial records (such as FAME), historical staff resignation records, national staff survey data across business, government, non-profit sector (such as charities and the NHS) to understand how the strategic role of HR can not only serve an organisation, but also reduce societal inequality. 

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