Managing Digital Technologies

Module code: MN1024

Every day, more and more data is available to businesses and organisations. Thanks to the advent of new technologies, businesses know more about their customers and their market than ever before. How do they manage this data? How do they ensure the right information is in the right hands? How do they keep their data safe?

This module will introduce you to information management, a hugely important business function that is only growing in prominence within the business world.

At the end of this module, you'll be capable of using a variety of information systems to manage and communicate information. You'll be able to define "information" and its role in sustainable business practices and managerial operations. You'll feel comfortable discussing how emerging information technologies are changing the global business environment. You'll be adept at critically evaluating the societal impact of digital business models on the sustainability of economic activities. Plus, you'll reflect upon key personal strengths, values and ambitions.

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