Business, Economy and Society

Module code: MN1014

Both 'the economy' and 'society' are relatively recent inventions in human history; moreover these two spheres of human activity - and the relationship between them - are continuing to evolve. Moreover, the economy-society nexus provides the context or environment for businesses, governments and other forms of social organisation. Thus understanding the economy, society and their mutual relationship is critically important. This module will introduce you to the study of this relationship and the context it exists in.

At the end of this module, you'll be able to describe the terrain of economics and key principles and theories of some of its competing schools of thought. You'll appraise the relationship between economics and its social, cultural, political and international context. You'll interrogate key social questions, such as sustainability, that you may analyse using economic theory. In addition, you'll be able to assess the merits of markets, states and commons as sustainable modes of organising human activity.

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