Management Theory and Debate

Module code: MN1000

This module will introduce you to the study of management, and to the context in which organisations operate. It introduces you to concepts and themes which are essential starting points for understanding organisations, people and the environments in which they work and live. In particular, the module will familiarise you with both orthodox (mainstream) and heterodox (critical) ideas, the latter of which there is a strong tradition here at Leicester's School of Business.

In the first half of the module, you will examine concepts and theories which underpin the study of management. These are drawn largely from sociology, economics, and politics (in which management studies had its origins), and may be familiar to those of you who have studied sociology, economics, politics or philosophy before.

In the second half of the module, you will examine some of the big themes that run throughout the literature on management - equality, ethics, the relationship between workers and employers, and the assumptions that are made about what good management is and what it should strive to be.

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