Visions of Modernity

Module code: IT3144

This module explores the experience of modernity in Italy, with particular reference to the first half of the 20th century. This module will acquaint you with the cultural representations of modernity, and provide you with the tools to interpret and evaluate a selection of key Italian early 20th century texts and works of art. We will examine some key works of Italian literary and artistic Modernism, with particular attention being paid to such themes as the relationship between artists and the experience of modernity, the impact of technology, the rejection of realism and the emergence of new modes of representation, the exploration of subjectivity and new perceptions of the self and reality, the city, robots and the relationship between men and machines. These themes will be explored through the analysis of literary texts, theatre plays and artworks.

Topics covered

  • The artist and the experience of modernity
  • The self, identities and the exploration of subjectivity
  • The modern city
  • Impact of technology on perception and everyday life
  • Robots and the relationship between men and machines
  • The rejection of realism; new modes of representation
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