Becoming the Historical Researcher

Module code: HS2500 (double module)

This module will help you to consider simple questions about historical research like, what is it for? What role does historical research play in the world? It will get you to think about how to approach your future research with an open mind, both in terms of what might become your key question or theme, and in terms of the kinds of sources you might locate and use.

During this module you'll identify a problem for historical research, and learn about the kind of tools you can use to cultivate your idea. The idea you’ll develop will be specifically for your undergraduate dissertation, and a variety of written forms will be used to formulate your argument.

You’ll learn how to develop a research proposal along with the support of staff with expertise in your field of interest, to identify a more focused topic and produce key questions to evolve your idea. There will be the chance for self-reflection, so you can thoroughly hone your craft as a historian.

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