Neotropical Rainforests

Module code: GY3431

This module is taught entirely during a field trip in the Colombian Amazon rainforest. The module introduces to you some fundamental concepts of tropical ecology, ecological processes and biochemical cycles. You'll be studying soils, vegetation and forest biomass. The module offers you unique opportunity to visit Colombia, South America, the Amazon Rainforest and the High Andean ecosystems as well.

In this module you'll develop various skills in the discipline of ecology, which will provide a solid ground for future research in tropical ecology. The module builds on concepts introduced in year 2 in the Dynamic Biosphere (GY2434).

Topics covered

  • Aspects of terrestrial and aquatic ecology
  • Vegetation survey (e.g. Nitrogen and carbon cycles)
  • Estimation of forest biomass
  • Topics in biodiversity and conservation
  • Traditional agriculture and use of tropical plants in traditional medicine
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