Immigration and Ethnicity in Colonial and Post-Colonial France

Module code: FR3125

Immigration as an issue remains at the heart of social, cultural and political debates. This module examines how immigration and ethnicity have shaped French society and examines the debates on diversity and cultural identity in contemporary France. It also considers the complex colonial and postcolonial legacy that have informed social, cultural and political development in France. Key texts (films and novels) are studied as part of this module.

Topics covered

  • Identity, nation and belonging
  • Immigration and ethnicity in France: a historical overview
  • Cinema de banlieue
  • Memory, identity and representation: narrating migrants' experience through documentary
  • 'Beur' literature
  • L'imaginaire colonial
  • Colonisation and emancipation in Algeria
  • The Algerian war on film
  • The colonial legacy and literature: a case study
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