Advanced Chemistry Practical

Module code: CH3271

You've passed the halfway mark of your MChem and your practical chemistry skills will have developed immensely from when you began. This module will enable you to put your hard work so far into practice.

In it, you'll plan and carry out a variety of advanced practical procedures in physical, analytical and preparative chemistry. You'll accurately observe experimental changes, record and analyse data, and, once completed, make scientific conclusions.

You'll need to make sure that you work well in a group setting, solving practical problems together and managing your time and resources effectively.

Safety will be a key concern during this module. You will need to evaluate the hazards and risks associated with laboratory work, performing risk assessments when necessary, and ensure that you work safely at all times.

This module will also test your report-writing ability. You'll need to produce clear and concise scientific reports in a variety of different professional formats. These must be well researched and referenced. Plus, you must communicate all aspects of your practical work, including the background, results, critical analysis, experimental procedures and potential future work that may follow.

The skills gained during this module will be invaluable as you move towards the large-scale research project you'll undertake during your final year of your MChem.

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