Advanced Organic Chemistry

Module code: CH3201

Organic chemistry is the basis for all life on Earth. You will have learnt some of its core principles during your previous two years at Leicester, but this module will give you a more advanced viewpoint, setting you up for further study, research or commercial opportunities.

Topics covered

  • The importance of spectroscopy (such as NMR, MS and IR) in the determination of the structure and shape of organic compounds and molecules
  • Principal types of pericyclic reaction
  • How mechanism relates to the selectivity of pericyclic reactions and why thermally and photochemically-activated molecules frequently exhibit contrasting selectivity, using this knowledge to predict the outcome of unseen reactions
  • How radicals and carbenes are generated, the common types and mechanisms of reaction
  • How to investigate the reactivity of transient species and the advantages and limitations of the high reactivity of transient intermediates
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