Organic Chemistry

Module code: CH2201

In this module, you'll delve back into the world of organic materials and compounds, the basis for all life on earth, and build upon your knowledge of organic chemistry gained during your first year.

Topics covered

  • How carbon-carbon bonds can be formed from carbanions and electrophilic molecules and how this chemistry can be used in both the retrosynthetic analysis and the synthesis of organic molecules
  • The structure and reactivity of amino acids and the application of this chemistry for the synthesis and structure determination of peptides
  • Important conformations of alicyclic systems (especially 6-membered), their relative stability and their influence on the stereoelectronic requirements of reaction pathways
  • The electronic structure of aromatic carbocycles and heterocycles and its effect upon reactivity.
  • Proposing effective reaction sequences to synthesise and interconvert aromatic species, many of which are used as pharmaceuticals or in the materials industry.
  • How structure and bonding control the outcome and selectivity of organic reaction, and how these reactions can be rationalised and predicted using mechanisms.
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