Chemistry Key Skills and Maths

Module code: CH1204

This module is split into two parts - maths and key skills.

In order to engage with degree-level concepts in chemistry, it is vital to know fundamental mathematical principles, which you'll learn during the maths part of this module.

In key skills, you'll develop your ability to confidently communicate scientific ideas to different audiences in a variety of formats, and gain experience of working on open-ended problems as part of a team.

Topics covered

  • Mathematical manipulations involving working with units, logarithms and trigonometric functions, solving simultaneous & quadratic equations, plotting and extracting information from graphs
  • Differentiating and integrating simple and more complex functions using a variety of methods
  • Simple statistical analyses on datasets (mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and using the normal distribution function to identify statistical outliers)
  • Calculating errors and uncertainties
  • How to communicate chemical concepts and ideas to a range of audience types using methods that will engage discipline-specific and general audiences (e.g. posters, oral presentations and written materials)
  • Working as part of a team to communicate scientific principles
  • Reflecting on your own skills development
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