Experimental Research Project A

Module code: BS3101

This module comprises the practical laboratory/bioinformatics/field research aspect of your final year research project. You will undertake an individual research project within an active research laboratory. Under the guidance of a laboratory-based research scientist and in conjunction with appropriate background reading, you will learn relevant field, laboratory and/or bioinformatics techniques to enable you to contribute to cutting-edge research. By attending lab meetings and discussing the progress and direction of the project, you will start to become increasingly independent with respect to your own research. If you are taking a field-based research project, there may be an opportunity to work with the university environment team and/or the local council.

Skills gained during this module:

  • Ability to test a hypothesis by appropriate experimental and/or computer-based techniques
  • Demonstration of skill in conducting experimental and/or bioinformatics procedures, showing good laboratory and/or bioinformatics practice
  • Ability to keep appropriate records in the form of a lab or bioinformatics notebook
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