Human Genetics

Module code: BS3031

This wide-ranging module will cover the various disciplines of modern human genetics and will investigate the impact that molecular biology, combined with genetic analysis, is having on our understanding of the human genome in health and disease. This module will also give an outline on the organisation and dynamics of the human genome and how research in human genetics can be used for the benefit of society.

Topics covered

  • Human genome organization and structural components of chromosomes
  • Molecular biology and pathology of the sex chromosomes
  • Genetic and molecular basis of inherited single gene disorders
  • Complex inheritance and common disease – twin studies, familial clustering and association analysis
  • ‘Omic approaches in human genetics – whole genome, exome and transcriptome analyses
  • Forensic DNA analysis – past, present and the future
  • Genomic imprinting – parent-of-origin effects on the regulation of genes
  • Genetics of ageing
  • Cancer genetics
  • Genetic counselling and ethics
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