Managing Translation Project

Module code: TS3005

In this module, seminars and workshops will be conducted to discuss and reflect on the steps of managing a translation project. You will learn the concept and process of project management and you will practise managing a variety of translation projects in simulated scenarios, liaising between the translation team and the end client. You will take the roles of project manager, client, translator, proof reader, technical support and subject expert in turn.   

This module will help you develop a set of transferrable skills useful for any career, including planning, time management, people management, effective communication, conflict management, finance management, problem solving and creative thinking.  

 Topics covered 

  • Approaching project management
  • Understanding the process of managing a translation project
  • Managing translation projects that are of different genres and require diverse translation and technical skills
  • Examples of previous projects are museum catalogues, picture books and Wikipedia entries
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