Audiovisual Translation

Module code: TS3004

This module will be taught in a combination of seminars and workshops where you will learn about the distinctive features of audiovisual translation with a special focus on subtitling. You will have ample opportunities to subtitle a variety of audiovisual genres and apply industry-standard subtitling technologies to carrying out specific assignments. This module offers practical guidance and a theoretical grounding that will enable you to develop a successful professional career or pursue further research into this field.

Topics covered

  • Historical overview of audiovisual translation
  • Spatial and temporal dimensions of subtitling
  • Formal and textual dimensions of subtitling
  • Linguistic constraints and strategies of subtitling
  • Intersemiotic cohesion in subtitling
  • Subtitling linguistic variation: techniques to subtitle dialects, sociolects and idiolects
  • Subtitling culture-specific elements and humour
  • Subtitling social norms: taboo language and censorship in multilingual contexts
  • Dubbing: key strategies and considerations
  • Audiovisual translation in the digital age
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