Conference Interpreting 1

Module code: TS3001

In this module you will fine tune your sight translation and simultaneous interpreting skills on non-specialised topics into and out of English. With the rise of globalisation - businesses, groups and individuals are transmitting their ideas to an increasingly foreign audience. In this module you will learn how to orally rendition a text from one language into another as well as interpret in real-time whilst a speaker is talking. Commonly used in situations where pauses in conversation are not advantageous – such as events that attract large audiences, meetings and conferences; most famously the United Nations. We will explore a range of linguistic strategies that will help facilitate your interpreting process when selected appropriately.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to simultaneous interpreting
  • Shadowing
  • Multi-tasking
  • Sight translation
  • Simultaneous with texts
  • Simultaneous interpreting reformulation skills
  • Simultaneous interpreting training on delivery and voice performance
  • Simultaneous interpreting with impromptu speeches
  • Simultaneous interpreting with scripted speeches
  • Mock conference
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