Consecutive Interpreting

Module code: TS2005

In this module you will be taught in weekly workshops - in which you will enhance your consecutive interpreting skills through the practice of public speaking, memory enhancement, note taking and anticipated listening. Formative feedback will be given in class on your practices and performances - essential for the development and improvement of your skills. You are strongly advised to form a study group for practising and commenting on each other's performances. This mutual rapport will help you to fine-tune your interpreting skills.

Topics covered

  • Public speaking skills
  • Analytic listening
  • Memory training
  • Principles and symbols for note-taking
  • Demos and practice of note-taking
  • Dialogue interpreting practice: medical interpreting
  • Conference interpreting practice: business interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting language group practice 1
  • Consecutive interpreting language group practice 2
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