International Migration

Module code: SY3097

This module analyses migration as a global phenomenon, with particular emphasis on migration to Europe. You'll consider how immigration affects receiving country societies in economic, political, and cultural terms.

You'll discuss how different types of immigrants fare after arrival, looking at the social processes of migration: the formation of networks and ethnic communities, the insertion of immigrants into particular economic locations, and the processes of integration and the development of the second generation.

Some of the important social policy issues you'll be considering will be: citizenship, asylum and temporary workers. Finally, you'll take a critical look at the foundations of arguments leading to different notions of appropriate immigration policy. The overall goal is to understand migration as a deeply structured and social/ collective process that involves much more than the geographical relocation of individuals.

Topics covered

  • Definitions of migration
  • European migration history
  • Migration and the state
  • Integration
  • Citizenship
  • Refugees/asylum
  • Ethical perspectives on migration policy
  • Migration and happiness
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