Gender and Society

Module code: SY2094

In this module you'll explore key concepts, issues and debates in the sociology of gender and the broader field of gender studies. This will include sex, gender, sexuality, intersectionality, feminism, masculinities – and the social contexts in which these concepts have been formed. By combining theoretical debates with focused case studies you'll apply these concepts to specific issues and areas of social and political life e.g. technology, migration, institutions, representations and activism.

Finally, you'll consider the ways these concepts and issues have been and continue to be the focus of debate. Throughout the module you'll explore how understandings of gender, sexuality and what gender studies should be about are continuously challenged.

Topics covered

  • An Overview of Gender in Sociology
  • The Difference Between Sex and Gender
  • Key Concepts in Gender
  • Intersectionality and Refugee Women
  • Transgender Rights
  • Gender, Technology and Gaming
  • Gender and Representation: Women’s Stories
  • Gender, Institutions and the HeForShe Campaign
  • Gender, Activism and SlutWalk
  • Masculinities and the The Local Men’s Shed Group
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