Live Sociology

Module code: SY2091

Live sociology means going out into the field to experience sociology and practice sociology for yourselves, and Leicester is the perfect empirical crucible for this. It is a fantastic place to learn first-hand about issues of ethnicity, migration, social class and community. There is no better city for sociologists to develop their craft, to venture out into the field to observe, record and observe again what they see around them.

Ultimately, Sociology is a 'real-world' subject, that is far too often delivered solely within the confines of the lecture theatre. This module aims to take you out into the society that is after all, the focus of your study. This will involve trips and visits out to sites of sociological significance.

Topics covered

  • Community
  • Class
  • Consumption
  • Practice based sociology
  • Policing
  • Media
  • Sport
  • Diversity and superdiversty
  • Urban sociology
  • Creative research methods
  • Using Images and film in practice
  • The Sociological Imagination
  • Gender
  • Goffman, Milgram, Helmreich, De Certeau, Jacobs, Mills
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