Contemporary Women's Writing in Spain

Module code: SP3162

In this module, you will read, discuss and analyse four novels by women writers published in Spain over the past two decades. You will engage with gender theory and will consider both the limitations and the potential of gender(ed) readings and of classificatory labels such as ‘women’s writing’. Additionally, you will reflect on how the set texts portray contemporary Spain, and how these authors address both specifically Spanish and global challenges, such as facing up to a traumatic past, dealing with job insecurity, or establishing meaningful connections and relationships in an increasingly globalised and fragmented world. By the end of this module you will have gained an understanding of the themes of the works studied and be able to relate them to the wider contexts of both gender theory and gender studies, and the specific socio-cultural context from which they originate (contemporary Spain). Your skill of textual close reading and presentational delivery will also be extended.

Topics covered

  • Is there such a thing as 'women's writing'?
  • The body in/as text
  • Feminism as political movement and as reading, writing and critical practice
  • Gender(ed) experiences in contemporary Spain
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