Introduction to Spanish Literature and Film

Module code: SP1041

This module will introduce you to the study of film and narrative fiction from Spain. It covers a range of twentieth century texts that will provide you with an overview of how a series of evolving social concerns are reflected in Spanish film and literature in the period spanning from the 1930s to the 1990s. The study of the texts will focus equally on their contexts of production, the themes dealt with, and the stylistic approaches of the authors/directors. Introductory lectures will provide background information relevant to the works’ successful analysis, and seminars will deepen your understanding of the chosen texts through activities involving close textual analysis of passages and sequences, round-table discussions and student presentations.

On successful completion of this module you will be able to demonstrate a familiarity with key contextual knowledge on the history and cultures of modern and contemporary Spain. In terms of study skills, you will have the opportunity to develop your abilities in research and analytical skills; in recognising, evaluating and applying key critical responses and/or theoretical concepts/frameworks to the topics covered. You will be enabled to improve your writing and presentation skills, practising how to structure a coherent argument in appropriately academic language in both written and spoken formats.

Topics covered

  • Rural versus urban Spain
  • Identity politics in Spanish society
  • The memory and trauma of the Spanish civil war during the Transition to democracy
  • Post modernity in Spain
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