Applied Human Behaviour

Module code: PS7555

This module focuses on the processes through which we construct an understanding of ourselves and others around us, and how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs influence social behaviour. As part of this module, you will learn how we acquire and process information to build a social construction of the world around us, how we make attributions, develop attitudes and how these impact our emotions, sense of self and relations with others. This module also introduces you to group behaviour and dynamic functioning both within and between groups, such as social influence, conformity and obedience, leadership and trust, and how cross-cultural factors influence social behaviour. By exploring each of the topic areas, the modules aims to build upon your knowledge of ethical principles in applied research and practice, and to develop key skills in qualitative research.

Examples of topics covered

  • Social cognition
  • Self and identity
  • Group processes and intra/inter-group behaviour
  • Social relations
  • Cross-cultural psychology
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