Thinking and Communicating Like a Psychologist 2

Module code: PS1108

This module builds on skills developed from PS1104. Team work is one of the fundamental skills employers look for, so for the duration of this module, you will be working in groups. The module aims to offer various perspectives to help you develop into a ‘psychologically literate citizen’, an individual who can use psychological knowledge in all areas of their lives, be that personal or in the work place.

Central to the development of these skills is information literacy skills. These skills will help you acquire and use new knowledge to summarise and communicating their understanding of a complex idea to the general audience. These skills tap into a number of key graduate skills that employers increasingly demand and value in their employees, such as the ‘investigative’, independence, effective communication, and being able to work in teams. Many of these skills have been mapped onto the Leicester award program which will help you develop their CV and make them more employable

Topics covered  

  • Demonstrating psychology through the New Media
  • The emergence of fake news and the importance of disseminating the truth in science
  • Learn how to put together a podcast to disseminate complex ideas to non-scientific audiences such as Local Education Authorities, and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). 
  • How to write informatively for a decision maker, as well as giving effective and supportive feedback in the workplace. Learn how to be self-reflective; 
  • Thinking about your own skills will help you identify changes you might need to make
  • Learning to speak your own mind and motivation skills
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