Thinking and Communicating Like a Psychologist 1

Module code: PS1104

In this module you will learn key study skills that you can apply to the different aspects to a psychology degree, and ultimately to your chosen career. The focus of the module is on how to search for, identify, condense and report information, and on writing skills. This module provides the foundations of scientific psychological literacy and communication skills in both written and oral forms.  You will learn critical thinking, information search and making appropriate evidence-informed judgements to communicate them in both written and oral forms both individually and in a group.  You will also learn the basis of considering your own strengths and practices in light of experiences both working independently and as part of a group. 

Topics covered

  • Promoting good academic practice
  • Critical thinking, logic and argumentation
  • Literature Review Writing skills
  • Report writing Skills
  • Oral Presentation skills
  • Poster presentation design 
  • Searching for information
  • Situation the skills in the self and in group work
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