Psychological Research Skills 1

Module code: PS1103

This module is focused on the methodology of psychological research, and will introduce how to formulate research questions in psychology and specify research aims and hypotheses. You will develop an understanding of basic statistical concepts (e.g., descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and power analysis), and how to manage and analyse research data using Excel and the ‘Statistical Program for Social Sciences’ (SPSS). Different research methods and sampling procedures are taught, as well as the ethics involved in testing human participants. 

A formative (draft) assignment allows you to engage with marking criteria and peer marking, to develop critical thinking, practice data analysis, and improve report writing skills. On-line discussion forums provide support from both staff and other students. Throughout the course of this module you will participate in active research projects in the School of Psychology to get first-hand experience of research and to get ideas for your own psychological projects later on.


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