The Politics of War and Peace: Northern Ireland After 1972

Module code: PL3103

During the Troubles, Northern Ireland saw 30 years of violence, disorder and chaos. But the worst year of them all was 1972; a year that changed the nature of Northern Ireland forever. 472 people died, 4,876 were injured, and events such as Bloody Sunday, Bloody Friday, bombings in Aldershot and Claudy, and Operation Motorman shook the world. The devolved Parliament fell apart, Westminister imposed direct rule and Northern Ireland would never be the same again.

In this module, you'll look at the politics of Northern Ireland since that fateful year. You'll focus on the political positions of the major parties and protagonists in N. Ireland from 1972 to the end of the Troubles in 1998, and how the British and Irish governments' managed and resolved the conflict. You'll also critique both literature devoted to constitutional and security politics and key interpretations of the conflict.

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