Scientific Inference

Module code: PA4602

Science is not about certainty but dealing  with uncertainty through rigorous testing, and one of the tools used to accomplish this is statistical inference. Data analysis and statistical thinking are essential aspects of all modern science. The aim of this module is to get you started with statistical practice, to provide enough training that you can tackle the kinds of problems encountered in a typical research project, and are confident enough to pick up a more advanced textbook or paper that deals with more difficult problems. 

As well as being valuable for research projects, the skills and arguments developed throughout this module are highly transferable as statistical analyses of data are used throughout science, business, politics, medicine, and the news media, and an awareness of the basic methods involved will better enable you to use and critically analyse such presentations. 

Topics covered

  • Statistical literacy in science
  • Probability theory
  • Model fitting
  • Simple statistical tests and summaries
  • computational methods
  • Bayesian reasoning and data analysis
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