Module code: PA3243

The Physics Skills Electives are designed to help you improve your skills and enhance your career options in industry, education, research and/or business. In this skills elective, you will work in small groups to undertake a specialist lab-based electronics project. Electronics are a very important part of modern life and having a better understanding of electronics opens pathways to a number of technological and industrial applications and can boost your professional profile and employability.

We will considering the key elements of an electronic board designed to detect small Doppler frequency shifts in an ionospheric radar. This will include the concepts of filtering, signal mixing and phase shifting and LRC circuits in general. You will use transfer functions to derive the electronic components required to programme an active band-pass filter. Training will be provided on how to solder components onto boards. If time permits then the electronic board, once completed and tested, may be utilised to receive ionospherically-reflected signals and to detect upper atmospheric waves. Though not essential, experience of computer programming and analysis may be beneficial.

Topics covered

  • Electronics
  • Filtering, signal mixing, phase shifting and LRC circuits
  • Problem solving, data analysis, and oral and written communication
  • Professional development
  • Team working
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