Relativity, Quantum Physics and Particles

Module code: PA2260

This module covers three of the most important and counter-intuitive topics of modern physics, which revolutionised our ideas about science and the nature of reality in the 20th century. Special Relativity changed our "common-sense" notions of space and time. Quantum Mechanics showed that the universe is in a deep sense governed by rules of chance and probability. Particle Physics allows us to delve into the fundamental building blocks of nature, describing both particles of matter and particles that transmit forces.

Topics covered

  • Special relativity, including the Lorentz Transformation, energy momentum relationship, 4-vectors, and an introduction to the concepts of General Relativity.
  • Elementary particles and the Standard Model.
  • Quantum mechanics in 1-dimension, including the solution of the Schrödinger equation for simple systems.
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