Development of Professional Practice in Healthcare

Module code: OP2005

This module will enable you to spend time in the operating department and in other areas of the hospital where you will have the opportunity to experience and demonstrate under limited supervision the key transferable skills concomitant with safe and ethical practice as a developing health care professional. The experience within the operating theatres and in the wider hospital environment will provide an insight into the patient’s holistic surgical experience. This Module will enable you to apply the principles of professionalism to patient care. It will identify all aspects of governance and its application to healthcare, and explore the principles of quality assurance and the contribution of research methodology to this process and its application to clinical practice. You will explore how inter-professional collaboration contributes to patient care, safety and effective clinical outcomes.

(In order to complete this module, students will also need to engage in a period of elective clinical placement and an element of additional self-directed learning.)

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