Dissertation/report Applied to Professional Practice

Module code: NU4010

This module is focused on enhancing your independence as a learner and the main teaching and learning will take place through one to one supervision of the assessed project with an academic supervisor and supported by a selection of lectures, small group tutorials, online activities, directed reading and independent inquiry.

In this module you will critically reflect on clinical practice, and construct a systematic review/service improvement project to address and review a clinical/education/research focused area of inquiry. This will build on the earlier proposal submitted in module NU3016: Developing evidence based practice. 

You will demonstrate the ability to independently produce a systematic review/service improvement project throughout the conduct of this project, identifying and synthesising the current best practice and applying these to your project. You will critically analyse the context of services and the potential challenges and solutions identified in your systematic review/service improvement from the perspective of a leader in the profession. Through critically analysing the findings of your study, you will be able to draw appropriate conclusions for practice, future research and personal learning. 

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