Fundamental Knowledge, Values and Skills for Mental Health Assessment

Module code: NU2013 (double module)

Mental health issues have a wide impact on individuals, families and carers and the wider society – we will discuss examples of these impacts, such as the effect it has on an individual that is caring for a family member that has a mental health illness.

We will explore the role a mental health nurse undertakes in establishing and developing professional relationships which are person-centred, as well as effective, non-discriminatory and culturally sensitive.

There are also a range of theoretical models we will examine that underpin the assessment and treatment of a range of mental health conditions and we will discuss the information requirements for a systematic, holistic and collaborative assessment of mental health, including the assessment and management of risk.

This module will be taught through a varied selection of lectures, seminars and workshops, problem based, case studies, online activities and flipped learning.

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