Strategic Communication Management

Module code: MS7618

This module explores the theory and practice of strategic communications management within organisational settings and campaigns management more generally.

You'll be looking at specialist areas of public relations practice such as public affairs, corporate social responsibility and crisis communication. The module will allow you to gain knowledge of how applied research methods are used in the evaluation of organisational reputation and relationships, as well as in assisting the development and design of campaign strategies.

This knowledge will be applied in assignments that will allow you to conduct strategic analysis of real-world campaigns, and use public relations scholarship to critically reflect on the social and cultural impacts of the professionalisation of communications management.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to Strategic Communication
  • Stakeholder Theory
  • Issues Management
  • Organisational Reputation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Strategy Design & Campaign Planning
  • Applied Research Methods
  • Case study: 'ladders of engagement'
  • Crisis Communication
  • Image Repair
  • Risk Communication
  • Public Affairs, Lobbying and The Public Interest
  • Case study: Gamification
  • Case study report and analysis, 4,000 words
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