PR and Society

Module code: MS7617

This module will introduce you to the field of public relations, exploring its origins, history and definitions. The module provides a theoretical framework for analysing public relations and seeks to contextualise public relations as an academic discipline; this in turn will help you to better understand the structures of public relations in practice, and public relations as a social or cultural phenomenon. The module explores critical approaches to public relations management and organisation, and assesses how public relations function in media contexts, while examining its wider impact on democracy.

Topics covered

  • History and Definitions of PR
  • Functionalist paradigms of PR
  • Rhetorical paradigms of PR
  • PR and dialogue
  • Political economy paradigms of PR
  • Socio-cultural paradigms for studying PR
  • PR and Actor-Network Theory
  • PR and Journalism
  • Government communication
  • Public affairs and Lobbying
  • PR and transnational advocacy
  • Terrorism and PR
  • Environmental Politics and Activist PR
  • Promotion, Politics and the Popular
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