Media and The Body

Module code: MS3013

In this module, you'll examine the ways in which our experiences of our bodies and those of others are highly mediated. 

You'll consider the theoretical and conceptual foundations to help you to understand the body and consumer culture. You'll explore how bodies are implicated by distinction and value through questions of class, race, gender and embodied experience. Plus, you'll consider the impact of technological and scientific advances on the body using examples from Film, TV, Radio, Social Media, Theatre, Music videos, News Media and Magazines.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to social and cultural theories of the body: Risky Bodies & Body Projects
  • Consumer Culture and Physical Capital
  • Consumer Culture and Bio-Power: The Fitness Industries 
  • Gender and The Body Beautiful
  • Race and Negotiation
  • Trans and Gender Varying Bodies
  • Social Class, Embodiment and Symbolic Violence
  • Bodily Futures
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