Games and Culture

Module code: MS3011

Digital games are one of the top-selling entertainment industries as well as a popular and commonplace leisure activity. Over the past two decades they have also become important objects of academic study, with the development of the field of 'game studies' signalling their growing economic, social and cultural significance. This module will consider recent shifts in game play and design, as well as key historical developments in gaming, with the objective of better understanding the place of digital games in everyday life.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to Digital Game Studies
  • Digital Games Fandom and Modding Videogames       
  • The Cultural Framing of Videogames
  • Promotions and Paratexts in Games
  • Ethics and Values in Game Design  
  • 'Serious’ Games
  • Gender in Games Culture  
  • Race in Games Culture     
  • Online Communities of Play            
  • Future of the Videogames Industry   
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